TM SSO weapons downloads index


ac130 gunship SSO 2KB
acid cloud SSO 7KB
air raid SSO 8KB
annihilator SSO 17KB
apl SSO 6KB
blockbuster SSO 3KB
bomb lobber SSO 10KB
carpet bomber SSO 1K
chaos SSO 4KB
C nuke SSO 2KB
dark nova SSO 8KB
dark nova turret SSO 5KB
das mirv 2 SSO 8KB
dig drill SSO 4KB
dragonflies SSO 4KB
emp SSO 4KB
explosive dirt SSO 4KB
fake tank SSO 4KB
fire mines SSO 4KB
firey chaos SSO 33KB
fire crawler SSO 5KB
flame thrower SSO 8KB
hailstorm SSO 5KB
ice ball SSO 5KB
jump missile SSO 4KB
kangaroo mine layer SSO 5KB
land mines SSO 5KB
liquid bubbles SSO 3KB
mal SSO 3KB
mirvs of steel SSO 6KB
mosquito launcher SSO 5KB
mirv missiles SSO 4KB
mine thrower SSO 6KB
mirv SSO 4KB
napalm strike SSO 4KB
nuke5m SSO 6KB
ow missile SSO 4KB
particle driver SSO 6KB
peace keeper SSO 8KB
plasma shield SSO 4KB
plasma rain SSO 10KB
plasma pulser SSO 4KB
pogo SSO 3KB
rragm65 SSO 4KB
shadow summoner SSO 62KB
shatter missile SSO 5KB
shot gun SSO 3KB
spirit bomb SSO 6KB
sheep brigade SSO 9KB
sheep mine layer SSO 5KB
speed missile SSO 4KB
tree strike SSO 10KB
true laser SSO 5KB
trick ramdrill SSO 6KB
trojan SSO 3KB
tri laser SSO 6KB
volcano SSO 6KB
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and just so people know...
and don't get funny ideas in their heads....
i, mikey, aka harmless,
did not do any of the mods.
other people,
who are more talented than i could ever hope to be,
did all of the map modifications that are listed here.
get them!
download them!
enjoy them!
treadmarks is an awesome game.

here are some gratuitous links to other TM sites
the official treadmarks forum at LongBow Digital Arts, yeah!!
the death match federation forum, enter the matrix now!!
the Lone Wolf Alliance treadmarks forum, ehh, whatever.
w00t... the Golden Ants treadmarks forum, pfffftt
the official home of treadmarks : LongBow Digital Arts
coax's excellent TM site, what more could you want !?!?!
the death match federation main entrance
TM user modded maps, weapons, tanks, etc download index
an explanation of a TM DDM [aka] a TreadMarks Deadliest Death Match
a list of clans for treadmarks at the death match federation
go here if you would like to join the death match federation
they also sponsor the games Battlezone, Breed, Bandits, and BF 1942,


go ahead... email me... like i care ;-)   mikey{:-)
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