a quick and dirty downloads index
for treadmarks mods...
how radical can one get?!?!?

index for server mods

index for server packs

index for retail game patches

index for the beloved liquid tanks

index for steel tanks

index for weapons
these being your normal client side weapons that one installs normally on your normal
computer that one would normally play with on a normal single game or if one is normally
required to play on a normal server that has these normal weapons mods installed on them
in a normally normal fashion.

index for SSO weapons
these are only used if you host a game server. SSO implying server side only.

index for mod maps

index for groups of packs of addons


TreadMarks FAQ for AddOns Mods

TreadMarks FAQ on Taking In Game ScreenShots

TreadMarks FAQ for Zip UnZip Programs

TreadMarks FAQ for Enabling File Extensions in Windows

TreadMarks FAQ on Installing or Updating ASPI Drivers

A review of a virtual cdrom drive program!

master flag pack photo album and download if desired.

rush flag pack photo album and download if desired.

various videos from various TM games to download, watch, and enjoy!

hey, i've been a busy TM'er lately!!! here are some different ways to see the same thing again!!!
the Ved files of TM mod maps! more web albums!!! see what the maps look like!
a simple text outline for all TM mod downloads.
the same text outline all on one page! yes sirrieee!

not again... more web albums... for the CTF maps!! bmp files
hey...just trying out more freeware... high grav maps album!! bmp files
stop me now, please... album for the DM minis mod maps!! bmp files
hah! there's more where this came from! DM map mods album!! bmp files
jeesh, get a job already!! storm racer maps web album! bmp files

2 changes to make to the TreadMarks config.cfg file

#to enable in game screen captures
#by pressing the F12 key
#add to the bottom of the config.cfg file
#found in C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5 folder
#or where ever you installed TM
#the following 3 lines
#Animation frame saving. (F12)
AnimDir = c:\TempShots\tank
AnimFPS = 15
#remember though, to press the F12 key twice!
#press F12 once, and you start a non stop series
#of in game screen captures.
#press F12 a second time to stop it.
#TM will save screen captures as bmp files, so they
#are large.  the saved bmp files will be numbered
#tank0001.bmp, tank0002.bmp, etc. etc.
#screen captures are good for bragging rights :)
#also notice this entry in the config.cfg file
LogFileActive = 1
LogFileName = "tank.log"
#by default, it is set to 1
#so a log file is created and grows and grows
#every time you play treadmarks
#to deactivate the log file
#set to 0

LogFileActive = 0

#or comment it out with a pound sign

#LogFileActive = 1
#LogFileName = "tank.log"

and just so people know...
and don't get funny ideas in their heads....
i, mikey, aka harmless,
did not do any of the mods.
other people,
who are more talented than i could ever hope to be,
did all of the modifications that are listed here.
get them!
download them!
enjoy them!
treadmarks is an awesome game.

go ahead... email me... like i care ;-)   mikey{:-)
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