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Some Information on
Installing or Updating ASPI Drivers

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Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface - (ASPI) A set of libraries designed to provide programs running under Microsoft Windows with a consistent interface for accessing SCSI devices. ASPI has become a de facto standard.
The ASPI layer is a collection of programs (DLLs) that together implement the ASPI interface. Many problems are caused by device manufacturers packaging incomplete sets of these DLLs with their hardware, often with incorrect date stamps, causing newer versions to get replaced with old. ASPICHK from Adaptec will check the ASPI components installed on a computer.
The ATAPI standard for IDE devices makes them look to the system like SCSI devices and allows them to work through ASPI.
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the first note...
if your computer is working as you expect it to, ignore this FAQ, and leave well enough alone.

ASPI drivers on my win98se computer
aspi check

now, if you need to update your ASPI drivers,
download this file : 493KB zipped : adaptec aspi v4.71
and unzip it to the root of your C: drive.
now, according to the readme.txt file, which, of course, you always read dutifully...
all that you should have to do is double click the install.bat file.
but that has never worked for me.
to install the ASPI drivers,
you need to "right-click" and drag the "install.bat" file
to your desktop and choose to create a shortcut.
next, "right-click" the newly created shortcut
and choose the bottom option "properties"
this is what pops up:
click in the "Cmd line" box, and at the end,
add a "blank space" and X86
click the apply button,
if windows does not complain,
click OK to close the box,
double click the shortcut,
and follow the prompts to install the ASPI drivers.
then reboot your computer
and you are done.
if windows complains about an invalid path,
enclose the entire line with either a single quote, or a double quote.
'C:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat X86'
"C:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat X86"
click apply each time, if windows does not complain, you are good to go.
click OK to close the box,
double click the shortcut,
and follow the prompts to install the ASPI drivers.
then reboot your computer
and you are done.
of course, if you have winXP, then add XP32 to the Cmd Line box
as noted in the readme.txt file.
today's date is : Tuesday, May 04, 2004
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ok now... today's date is Saturday, July 09, 2005
if you have read this far, then ignore everything that i wrote above. there is a better way to do all of this ASPI stuff.
download these 3 files:
aspi check : 112KB
aspi32.exe : 281KB
forceASPI v1.7 : 151KB
aspi check looks like this on my same win98se computer:
aspi check win95
again, if it looks good, leave well enough alone.
however, if it reports that aspi is not installed properly, do this next :
double click the aspi32 file to install aspi. aspi32.exe will install aspi v4.60 on your computer. from everything that i have read, v4.60 is the best version of aspi to have. it works on win95, win98, win98se, winME, NT4, windows2000, and winXP. however, in some instances, it will not install and complain that you do not have a qualifying product. well, that's fine and dandy.... but that is where forceASPI comes in. regardless of one's computer configuration, forceASPI will install aspi v4.60 on your computer.
this is what comes with forceASPI:
force aspi
just double click the "instaspi.bat" file, and it will install aspi v4.60 on your computer. it will determine which version of windows you have, overwrite your current aspi layer, and completely install the v4.60 aspi layer. pretty cool really. when it is done, reboot your computer, and you will have a functioning aspi. to make sure, just run aspi check. all should be good now.
a big thanks goes out to radified for making it simple!!
he also provided a very nice pdf that explains everything and goes into detail about all of this stuff.
this is radified's aspi pdf guide. 65.6KB
well, enough has been said. i hope it all works out for you.
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once again, my email for sending flames:

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