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Vision mp3 player by The Vision Comm
vision mp3 player
vision playlist
vision help file
vision about box
homepage for Vision mp3 player by The Vision Comm
well, the mp3 player is no longer there, but it is here!!
clever program description goes here
download now!
vision mp3 player : 1.19MB zipped
i don't know, it plays mp3 files, ok!
pretty simple to use, easy to operate, did i say it plays mp3z?!?!?
that's right, it also has a volume control and a mute button, too. and....
it plays mp3z. i think i'm over doing myself this time.
very tired.....
must rest....
just download it ok,
mikey needs to relax for a little while...
circle.gif: back to mikey{:-)'s mp3me now! page