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mp3Renamer by Luke Reeves
mp3 renamer program

opps, i forgot to take the screenshot before i renamed.

mp3 renamer about box

ahhh, to be young again, that reminds me of a story....

homepage for mp3Renamer by Luke Reeves
from the readme text file!!
so pay attention!
mp3Renamer takes MP3 files (or any files for that matter)
that have common escape codes like %20 embedded in them,
and substitutes the proper characters for those codes.
mp3Renamer totally helps keep your MP3 files sorted and easier to use.
there, don't you feel better for actively reading
instead of just being a mindless drone.
oh, you like being a mindless drone?!?!?!
well, i can't blame you, really now.
it's like...
let those without sin cast the first stone....
ummm, you know what, nevermind.
well now, how about that mp3 renamer program?
pretty cool, isn't it!
it works and it's free!! life is sweet!
and if your bliss is immediate gratification
download here:
mp3 renamer : 46.6KB zipped download
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