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NAD mp3 player by The House of Axe
nad mp3 player large
please note: the purple you see is my desktop background.
nad properties
i use NAD as my default mp3 player.
just push the register file types button
and you are set!!!
so if you install and try out
all sorts of mp3 players,
it's super easy to re-register NAD
as your default mp3 player,
it just makes life simplier!
nad mp3 player small
please note: the purple you see is my desktop background.
nad playlist
homepage for NAD mp3 player by The House of Axe [access is spotty]
clever program description goes here
download now!
nad mp3 player : 116KB zipped
i don't know, i just like it. i also like the option of registering mp3 files
so that all i have to do is double click an mp3, NAD pops up and starts playing the mp3
immediately. nice volume control, nice equalizer, hey, it's a cool player and it's small!!!
i like small programs (only 116KB zipped) that look good, that are easy to use,
and do a good job! NAD is very cool! a good mp3 player that works very well!
enough said!!!
get it and give yourself a headache listening to mp3z really really loud!!!
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