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BladeEnc by Tord Jansson
FrontBlade by SoftechSoftware
blade enc program
front blade gui
front blade options
front blade about box
download blade enc mp3 encoder AND front blade gui : 360KB zipped download

zdnet's review of BladeEnc mp3 encoder

BladeEnc (also known as Blade's MP3 Encoder) is a free 32-bit command-line program for creating .mp3 files from 32, 44.1, or 48 KHz .wav or .aif files. Use it by itself or with many of the freeware and shareware graphical front ends and CD rippers that support it. To turn .wav or .aif files into standard 128 Kb stereo .mp3 files, just drag and drop them onto BladeEnc.exe. BladeEnc encodes the files one by one until finished. The resulting .mp3 files are placed in the same folder as their corresponding source files. Numerous command-line switches are available for adjusting bit rate and other properties. The accompanying HTML-based documentation is excellent.

zdnet's review of Front Blade, a GUI for BladeEnc

FrontBlade is a free front end to the freeware command-line BladeEncoder program. It gives you a friendly GUI to convert .wav files to .mp3 format, using the BladeEncoder engine. Check boxes let you easily set the Encoder options, while drop-down boxes enable you to select the MP3 bitrate and BladeEncoder priority. You can also preview BladeEncoder's command line before you start the encoding process.
from me...
i found them both easy to use.
what do you want? they work!
and you have a choice! DOS command line or...
Graphical User Interface {i love computer terminology!}
download blade enc mp3 encoder AND front blade gui : 360KB zipped download
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