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CDex by ALFA Technologies
cdex program
cdex configuration 1
cdex configuration 2
cdex about box
homepage for CDex by ALFA Technologies
please visit the homepage above and get the latest version.
but if you just can't wait...
then download it here by all means.
cdex audio cd ripper : 627KB zipped download
it's a good ripper, very configurable, freeware, and it will check your cd-rom
and choose an appropriate cd-rom type, so you can optimize the sound recording quality.
i had to do this for my plextor, and the process worked great!
i have always made wav files with the rippers (much faster) rather than electing to
go straight to an mp3 format. the Mplifier encoder works just as fast as the rippers do,
so i save alot of time though 2 processes are involved (ripping then encoding)
the encoder it defaults to is blade enc, which is very very good, but also slow.
anyway, get it and enjoy!
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