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Apollo mp3 player by Heikki Ylinen
apollo mp3 player

double click any song to play it

apollo with menu

right click anywhere to get this pop up menu!

apollo minimized

apollo minimized!

clever program description goes here
download now!
apollo mp3 player : 702KB zipped
a very cool player!!! if i must say so myself!!
i like apollo and use it alot!!!
the frequency analyzer and the oscilloscope are very cool to watch!!
it has random play (called shuffle mode) and endless playback (called loop mode)
it will also automatically build a playlist if you have the option checked to load all
subdirectories. so you can have one folder called mp3, and you can have a zillion different
folders in it with all of your mp3z sorted to your liking, and apollo will load them all into
one playlist. and if you have shuffle mode and loop mode enabled, it can be literally hours
before you hear the same mp3 again. very very cool!!!
the screen shot does not show it, but currently, i have almost 200 mp3z in my playlist
with a total playing time over 10 hours, sorted in a kinds of different folders,
and apollo did all of the work because i had checked the 'load all subdirectories' option!
really cool! i like being lazy!
get it, use it, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
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